Make Decorative items using Waste materials

There are always a large number of things that a person always desires to buy, but there are some who think that they can make what they desire by themselves by making decorative items using waste.

Waste materials are the things which people think as its lifetime and service are over as it satisfied the purpose for which it was bought. People use things and throw in olden days, but surprisingly now-a-days people use this waste materials in full swing to create a useful one by adding some changes to it or applying it in the correct place to make a useful product.

Now-a-days, people are using waste and also buying new products and combine them to create a decorative item.

In this updating world, new things are always welcomed and that too using waste material is more welcomed.

Some of the viral waste items used in creating decorating items are:


 waste water bottles

Similar to a coconut tree, in which every part of the plant is used for various purpose, plastic bottle parts also used for various parts in creating a decorative item. Some of the most common made are apple box which has a small place for filling items.Plants are also widely grown with this plastic setup.

Make Decorative items using Waste materials

Paint buckets

After emptying the paint, the bucket can be used for creating a decorative chair or a wonderful stool for serving purpose.

Make Decorative items using Waste materials

Toilet paper rolls

This waste is more used especially in the creation of wall designs, crafts and also for adding beauty to some of the objects like clock, walls, phone holder, etc.

Make Decorative items using Waste materials

Fish tank pebbles

These pebbles can be attached to a mat to give a chill and new feel to the guest. Making of the mat is easy, just choose a correct stone and keep on until all are placed.

Make Decorative items using Waste materials

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Shoe box

Empty shoe box, which can be used to make a wonderful place to keep our jewellery or we can also create a place to display the jewels. Not only decorative but there are also various uses of this box such as making projector, etc.

Make Decorative items using Waste materials


Many decorative wall hangings can be made using this used newspaper. And also some of the items like basket an also be created by rolling the newspaper.We can  make many decorative items using waste for different purposes too.

Make Decorative items using Waste materials

 Waste CDs /Decorative items using waste

Beautiful photo frames can also be made,using this waste CDs.

Make Decorative items using Waste materials

Similar to these a large number of waste materials are used. People also started to make earrings using paper with a template of the original.
People are also advised to use these non-biodegradable plastics as we can make use of it simultaneously by saving mother Earth. There are a wide variety of applications, people not only use it for decorative purpose but also they are widely used for works related to our daily needs. Sand pots can be replaced by this plastic bottle in growing plants.

E-waste + creative = decorative useful items

Harmful among everything is the e-waste, people try to create beautiful things out of it such as using cd to make wall craft, using mouse to make show items, using wires to make bracelets and chains, using keys in keyboard to create attractive toy characters or make it as a dollar for chain and much more.

E-waste jewellery is also taking its part in fashion market to improve one’s lifestyle and create a look different from others; some of them are chains with wires, blazer with keys on it and much more.There are lot more things than these, which can be used to create decorative items but waste items will save space and also improve our knowledge by increasing the creative thinking as for how it can be used and applied to various situations.

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