5 Diya Decoration Ideas for Competition

Diyas, or the candle-lanterns are some of the most interesting and beautiful things that we have come across. There is a shining red flower of fire glowing in the center of a beautifully designed plate! However, brainstorming for ideas might become an issue sometimes. So, are you looking for quality designs for a competition and need some awesome tips for diyas? We are here to help out!
So, let us look at some of the best ideas in the market about decorating diyas that will make a definite win out of a hard competition.

Try Using Metals

5 Diya Decoration Ideas for Competition

Metals look beautiful with diyas, as it enhances the shine of the diyas. Now, make a design out of the diya and light it up! Not only will it reveal a perfect shine from the metal but a design will be caste on the wall as well.
However, don’t keep the metal too close to the fire or the ashes will turn it black. You don’t want the shine factor to go away with time, do you?

How About a Mega Diya with Diyas Lying inside?

5 Diya Decoration Ideas for Competition

Another interesting idea is to make a giant diya plate. It should be filled with smaller diyas lying inside of it and the outsides of the Diya should be painted with colors. If you are not good with the paint then try using some old bangles and put them on the sides using a silicone sealant maybe? Fill the remaining parts with color or flowers so that the colors emerge when it lights up.
Doing this will give us a mega-diya that will not only be majestic in terms of light, but also in terms of the elegant decoration. What’s more important is that since your diya got bigger, you can design it more efficiently as compared to the traditional mini-diya.

Diya-Steps Decoration

5 Diya Decoration Ideas for Competition

There is another decoration to the Diyas that, to me, is the best. Try using steps for Diyas. For this, you just the used tissue-role cardboards. Cut them in a way that you can put a CD in there. Stick a CD inside that hole and seal it, so that it doesn’t fall off! Now, use some small diyas and stick them on these CDs. If possible then paint or design the tissue roll cardboards and the diyas.
Doing so will give you a set of Diyas that are in the form of steps. Upon lighting up, not only will diyas give a color of the cardboard, but also the multi-colored shine of the CDs. This will give a majestic look that will definitely breathe soul into the judges!

5 Diya Decoration Ideas for Competition

Another method of having a good looking diya at your disposal is to make use of the glasses and cups that are useless and lying around your house. Doing so will not only get you good diyas, but also the design on them which is almost perfect.
To do this, cut the glasses in a way that they start looking somewhat like a diya, and use decorations in the plate that rule away from the possibility that this stuff once used to be a glass or a cup.
This will provide elegance in the design of the diya and take care of the home-scraps. Try to use this with the other ideas I gave. I’m sure you’ll definitely love the results.
Note that the cups or glasses are preferred to be ceramics and glass instead of plastic.

Last, but Not the Least

Try not to put inflammable things near the fire. The red flower devours things and dreams fast, keep that in mind. Work safe and promote safety. We wish you all the best in your competitions with our best diya ideas.

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