Best 10 Attractive Main Door Designs

Main Door Designs

What is the very first thing we are fixated on the main door designs when we reach someone’s place?      It’s definitely the thing we see first, a door. No matter how simple or artistic, a door is, if it’s the center of attraction, that’s the thing we refer prior to else others.


Main door designs

  1. Simple Door | Main Door Designs

The stereotypic color of the door is none other than brown or shades of brown. Can’t even remember the proper shades to refer it, that’s how many shades we see of brown paintwork on the main door. This door has the two-way opening mechanism and conjoint closure together. What more artistic could a simple door be more than cubes impression encrypted on it?

  1. Rectangular Doors | Main Door Designs

Main Door Designs

The most expressive way of presentation is keeping it the way it goes with time. The mid centuries two-way mechanism rectangular doors are spectacular even with simple more rectangles engraved on it. The sidelines and the walls are counted in well-maintained doors and palatable works as well. Not always we choose brown as our door paint.

  1. Sliding Doors | Main Door Designs


main door designs

Vintage is not the exact term to be used with sliding doors. Surely these conspicuous, handy and non-hiding doors are Japanese inspired artwork of entire room visible when the doors are open, unlike the panels that take up to one-fourth of the doors’ one side while opening. The sliding doors require either one way or two-way opening but in the same dimension. Not necessarily a two-way requirement but hovering upward support makes it untouchable to ground.

  1. Balcony & galleries’ Door | Main Door Designs

The French designs of such open balcony doors or galleries’ door make a pleasant, calm and soothing view of simplicity at its best. The Sidewalls and the surfaces go perfectly well with the transparent doors. Wooden well-trodden carvings and the closing joints are attractive with perfect whole top to down wall view. Most attractive sight for such doors is the door inside doors system. Organization for jocose main doors promptly make up for the cubical strips.

  1. One-Sided Paneled | Main Door Designs

main door designs

Large wooden one-sided opening paneled Doors are the idea of bright, sober and entirely bold thickenings with engravings similar to the stereotypical doors. Mostly vintage and classic in appearance, it’s still eye-catching. The smooth and sagacious surface is the plus point.

  1. Glass Doors | Main Door Designs

main door designs

Open Balcony Doors or galleries’ door are gaining are now gaining popularity in manufacturing not only for the inside home other passage doors but also for the main entrance doors just. The stain or acrylic paint work gives an additional touch-up, in fact, the floral designs are the center of attraction, never seen before entrance door sight with transparent glass background is obtuse but sharp at the same time.

  1. Sliding Door with Glossy Textural Work | Main Door Designs

main door designs

Just another of the sliding door and the difference in this and the previous one is that it’s not hanging from one dimension rather the elevator sliding but transparent and liberal with the sidewall blending perfectly with the glossy textural work exactly as the recipe of amazing doors.

  1. Large Doors | Main Door Designs

main door designs

The very first thing anyone would talk about this door is that it’s the lexicon of modern and vintage art. It perfectly balances between the past vintage and the future. The irony is that old doors tried to look more and more classy and royal whereas now the future art shows the doors are more over shifted to the appearance of vintage and never used niggardly equipment such as bricks and the carving designs, glossy texture, nonetheless but the big looking roof touching attractions.

  1. Marble or Tiled Door | Main Door Designs

main door designs

Marble engravings with the laser techniques are more famous than any other in the consumer’s eyes for the moment. The shiny and so frictionless touch due to the polished work is highly appreciable. The inspiration for these doors comes from the past time using tiles and carving designs on glass marbles. Slippery sometimes but smooth though.

  1. Abstract Ideology Doors | Main Door Designs

main door designs

Abstract ideas are hard to understand from the eyes of common people. Creators do have a very keen sight about any idea just like this one.  Trees, plants and the nature depiction through the wood used in such an artistic manner are modern, taciturn and very much unkempt. It’s not always that the only door is noticed; blending of perfect sidewalls and the ceiling roof should be catchy as well.

  1. Ethic Art Doors | Main Door Designs

main door designs

Vintage? Modern? Glass stained? Vacuous? Huge? Wooden? Monologues? I guess there is no in-between for such contrasting words but an ethnic door, a perfect mixture of every characteristic. Same business usual home door but still surprising anyways. Eye-soothing and brightly done paintwork is the cherry on the cake.

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  1. Islamic Themed Doors | Main Door Designs

main door designs

The Islamic artwork is not only famous for it’s vintage and old work but also the texture and the colorful calmness of perfect either warm or cool combination of colors. Nowadays not only the holy places are the destination to see such artwork but also home main doors. The two way gigantic than others look makes it differently eye staring piece of mind-blowing replete.

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